So my ambitious ambitions to write and craft everyday seem to have petered to a halt after the very first day! Ain’t that just typical. Truth be told blogosphere, I find you very intimidating, and so have kept my mouth shut to observe you instead. But I have always been one for mid-year resolutions, and here is mine to finally figure out a voice in my writing, and to actually blog for some confidence.

So, as I have observed in MANY craft blogs lately, there seems to be some damn dandy craft ladies out there. And I have every wish to be just like them. However, there is a problem. My projects don’t often work. In fact, my projects often fail. They sit in a bag in a corner of my room kissing dust. But here’s the thing, I still love them. I admire all of my projects, because it’s not the finished product that I look for. Once finished, my projects end up in a bag, just the same as my unfinished projects. I don’t know why this is, maybe secretly I am self-conscious of wearing my knitwear, or maybe my finished projects turn out just as lumpy as my unfinished ones. I don’t know.

I finished knitting this jumper last year, but little did I know an alpaca blend for a jumper is just that little bit too soft. Meaning, I was pilled before I wore the jumper for a week. I still keep it in my drawer, but whenever I wear it, I feel like the rolly edge and stretched neck makes me just plain anxious. Nevertheless, I loved making my first jumper, I loved it so much that I hung it up to my music hero, George Harrison, so they could bond, loved together.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160

In any case, I thought the results were more than worthwhile. So in tribute to George and the lumpy green jumper, I have decided to devote much of this blog to both my knitting mistakes and achievements, because honestly, how many knitting feats am I going to conquer here. We’ll be waiting a while for me to actually define a knitting achievement in the first place!!

I have recently started knitting another jumper. It is lovely. The pattern I mean. Who knows how the actual jumper will turn out. I’m on holidays back in Brisbane, and so am trying to rip through the knitting before I am sent back to the university mines and am unable to fit a stitch in between tutorials.

With any luck, the jumper will look like this!


But I’m slightly worried about the size. Usually I would prefer to go the smallest size, but after measuring myself I was sure that medium would have to be the go. Now I just pray it won’t be too big and lest sacrifice some of the gorgeous yarn I bought just for the occasion. The yarn I bought was a little expensive, as it always happens to be. But after finishing 10,000 words all due on the SAME day for my assessment (Thanks Melbourne Uni!) I thought that I deserved a treat ultimately. The yarn Is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, and what I initially thought would be a speckled cream, has turned into divine changing oatmeal hues. So we’ll see how it turns out. Regardless, I am determined to post it here, just to prove that mistakes can be beautiful.


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