So this semester I have been very excited. Finally after two and a half years in Melbourne studying writing, I have finally been brave enough to start submitting my small stories and poems. And well, they’ve started to be published.

This is a big deal to me, because ultimately this is what I want to do. I want to write and craft and all of those little things in between. The fact that someone actually wants to read my stuff is a little shocking, but very rewarding.

I tried to find an article on Rookie that really resonated with me. But despite how hard I tried to search for the article and random key words I couldn’t find it! I wish I could remember the author’s name. Regardless, she was talking about publishing and the moment after. She said, take a moment to congratulate yourself and enjoy the buzz of the byline essentially, and then, get back to work. It’s that simple, and I feel like no truer words have been spoken. Well that’s an exaggerated cliché isn’t it! But god I wish I remembered her name!!

In any case, here are two of my published works to share with you blogosphere, just for you!

The first was an article that I wrote for Farrago at the University of Melbourne. They didn’t have any room for their magazine to publish the piece, but they did publish it online. So really, It will remain timeless haha! 😉 You can read it here if you want. It’s called Life of a Yarn Bomb, and talks about my own small experiences with the ephemeral artwork.

The second piece is a short story that I wrote for my short fiction class two semesters ago. The piece was just sitting on my computer when I first heard about the Monash University Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing. At first I did absolutely nothing about it. I thought of my story and then did nothing. It was only when they extended the submission date that I felt pro-active enough to give it a go. And hey! It paid off! For the first time ever, my piece was shortlisted in the top 15 stories out of nearly 400. Far out. I was actually, genuinely convinced it was a mistake. But sure enough, the shortlisted entrants were published into a Penguin e-book in conjunction with Melbourne’s Emerging Writers’ Festival, and here it is, in the virtual flesh. Like I said, far freaking out! I’m allowed to be excited in front of you, aren’t I dear blogosphere? 






So my ambitious ambitions to write and craft everyday seem to have petered to a halt after the very first day! Ain’t that just typical. Truth be told blogosphere, I find you very intimidating, and so have kept my mouth shut to observe you instead. But I have always been one for mid-year resolutions, and here is mine to finally figure out a voice in my writing, and to actually blog for some confidence.

So, as I have observed in MANY craft blogs lately, there seems to be some damn dandy craft ladies out there. And I have every wish to be just like them. However, there is a problem. My projects don’t often work. In fact, my projects often fail. They sit in a bag in a corner of my room kissing dust. But here’s the thing, I still love them. I admire all of my projects, because it’s not the finished product that I look for. Once finished, my projects end up in a bag, just the same as my unfinished projects. I don’t know why this is, maybe secretly I am self-conscious of wearing my knitwear, or maybe my finished projects turn out just as lumpy as my unfinished ones. I don’t know.

I finished knitting this jumper last year, but little did I know an alpaca blend for a jumper is just that little bit too soft. Meaning, I was pilled before I wore the jumper for a week. I still keep it in my drawer, but whenever I wear it, I feel like the rolly edge and stretched neck makes me just plain anxious. Nevertheless, I loved making my first jumper, I loved it so much that I hung it up to my music hero, George Harrison, so they could bond, loved together.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160

In any case, I thought the results were more than worthwhile. So in tribute to George and the lumpy green jumper, I have decided to devote much of this blog to both my knitting mistakes and achievements, because honestly, how many knitting feats am I going to conquer here. We’ll be waiting a while for me to actually define a knitting achievement in the first place!!

I have recently started knitting another jumper. It is lovely. The pattern I mean. Who knows how the actual jumper will turn out. I’m on holidays back in Brisbane, and so am trying to rip through the knitting before I am sent back to the university mines and am unable to fit a stitch in between tutorials.

With any luck, the jumper will look like this!


But I’m slightly worried about the size. Usually I would prefer to go the smallest size, but after measuring myself I was sure that medium would have to be the go. Now I just pray it won’t be too big and lest sacrifice some of the gorgeous yarn I bought just for the occasion. The yarn I bought was a little expensive, as it always happens to be. But after finishing 10,000 words all due on the SAME day for my assessment (Thanks Melbourne Uni!) I thought that I deserved a treat ultimately. The yarn Is Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, and what I initially thought would be a speckled cream, has turned into divine changing oatmeal hues. So we’ll see how it turns out. Regardless, I am determined to post it here, just to prove that mistakes can be beautiful.