Essential Blog Narcissism

Now to talk about myself. Everything the Internet did not know about me and now will float through the endless channels of white noise that is the blogosphere.

As of this year I am still a student at the University of Melbourne! I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing and Media and Communications. I’m also completing a Diploma in French… but we don’t talk about that if it can be helped! — not that I don’t like the language, I love it. But I’m not one for wearing Eiffel tower key rings or using Paris desktop screen savers. I’m mostly just fulfilling that pact that I made with my six-year-old self to be more or less like this person –>


I love cats, and I especially love cats on the Internet. I may not be especially versatile with technology, like some of the digital-natives of my generation, but I do enjoy a good cat grappling with unforeseen circumstances. This can probably be attributed to my cat still living in Brisbane with my mum. Misty, my alter-ego. Our hormones coincide in disaster most of the time. Now that I’m only home occasionally, she’s suffering from some mean mother abandonment issues. Little does she know, I keep a framed photo of her by my bedside. I’m that creepy. Image

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from moving away from home is the strange fascination you develop for other people’s pets. At home, a dog is a dog, a cat is still cool, but really I can live without having to introduce myself. But in Melbourne, I actually feel physical urges to pet every furry creature in reach. What was once a bemused smile, become shrieks of adoration. It’s weird. Probably my own case of separation anxiety.

Casting On

This project has been brewing in my head or some time, but finally I am going to get my act together and write more and craft more and generally do things more! Somewhere in between study and phone calls back home to Brisbane I tend to float in purgatory! So here it is the first post to my catalog of ‘soon-to-be’ projects. Image